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Jim Leonhard with be the number 1 go to guy for kick returns.

Rex Ryan confirmed to Don La Greca on The Michael Kay show on 1050 ESPN, he (Rex) also said that Kerley will have his time to shine and eventually will be a top knoch kick returner and he (Kerley)is learning.


So the Jets have had their ups and downs this season and it seems that all the negative attention is aiming right at Mr. GQ, Mark Sanchez.  Is Sanchez the problem? No! Not at all!  Think about it, Alan Faneca gone, Damien Woody, gone, Tony Richardson, gone.  There goes your leadership and there goes your main guys that protected your quarterback and the voice of reason in that locker room. Yeah, Wayne Hunter was solid in the post season, so the Jets try and save money by letting go Woody.

Mike Tannenbaum had an off, offseason, they didn’t get Todd Heap, or Nnamdi Asomugha.  Tannenbaum tried to save as much money as he could for Nnamdi Asomugha and failed. They waited too long for him, and in the end got lucky (i guess) with getting Cormartie back.  This year the Jets had to settle for different things they didn’t think they would have to settle for.  In Rex Ryans head and everyone above him, thought the offense was going to survive and thrive. Survive, yeah; thrive? not so much. A lackluster season from Holmes, dropping passes, and not fully committing to his routes.  Wayne Hunter just ticks off about every single Jets fan out there I dont even need to explain, you all know already.  

In the long run, this isn’t all of Marks fault. Rex has put the pressure on him by telling the media he is the best quarterback and will take them to a Super Bowl.  We all expect so much. The booing? C’mon! put the faith back into your quarterback.  

By any means im not calling Sanchez perfect, he does have his flaws (cough interceptions) but who doesnt, were all humans, right?



Yesterday’s 27-21 win against the San Diego Chargers was a relief for all; making the Jets 4-3 going into the bye week.  With a sluggish start to start the game Jets fans thought “here we go again”. With the score 14-3, the bad guys. Then something clicked. 

The run game, definite improvement, 162 rushing yards by Shonn Greene, LT and a few from Joe McKnight they looked alive. Greene got the ball 20 times for 112 yards on the ground, average for 5.6 yards a carry. LT left the game early with an illness but carried the ball 5 times for 14 yards. Sanchez went 18/33 173 passing yards. 3 touchdowns, 1 interception and a QB rating of 87.0.  Sanchez looked alive, 3 touchdowns passes all to Plaxico.  Plaxico had 4 catches for 25 yards and of course, 3 touchdown catches. The offense came alive in the second half, minus the dumb penalties they looked confident, they started to look like the team were all used to. 

Thank the almighty Revis Christ. What cant this guy do?! Revis is the backbone of this team.  With the help of Cromartie, Revis had his fourth interception of the year. Where he almost took it all the way. Defense looked a bit shaky to start the game and then stepped it up, with pressure by Maybin.  As time went on the Chargers offense just kind of disappeared. The Jets didn’t let the Chargers score a single point in the second half. 

All in all the Jets actually showed up to play.  They looked strong and confident, something we haven’t seen much of this season. Hopefully going into the bye week wont ruin any momentum the Jets have going. 

Derrick Mason is off to Houston.

Derrick Mason has been traded to the Houston Texans for a 7th round draft pick. Was this a good decision? I would say so.  Mason never saw that much playing time and when he did it wasnt anything special. In the end this is a smart move by gang green.


The Jets fell to their AFC East rival the New England Patriots 30-21.  Making the Jets 2-3. 3 straight loses, next Miami at home, Monday night. Could the Jets have pulled off an upset last night? Of course, but there were improvements. Brady was sacked 4 times and threw a pick. 

The Defense looked solid throughout the majority of the game, Brady sacked 4 times, Cromarite with an interception. Then the 4th quarter came along and thats when Green-Ellis just walked all over the Jets D which pretty much iced the cake for the Patriots to get the W.

The ground and pound showed up a bit yesterday afternoon, looking a bit better than the past 2 weeks, Shonn Greene rushed for  83 yards with one touchdown. Jeremy Kerley scored his first NFL touchdown. Granted the 7 3 and outs killed the Jets offense, when you’re playing the worst defense in the league there is no way you should have 7 3 and outs. Sanchez looked better, connecting with Kerley right after a Patriots touchdown. He went 16/26. 166 yards 2 touchdowns and no interceptions. Those two touchdowns went to Kerley and Holmes. I have a feeling were going to see a bit more of Kerley. Besides the 3 and outs and stupid dropped balls things are looking better for the offensive. OH how could I possibly forget Nick Mangold, what a difference that guy makes, hands down best center in the league.

Special Teams, Joe McKnight, what a guy huh? 5 kick returns for 198 yards, his long was 88 yards. Mike Westoff please dont ever retire. 

The Jets are finally home next Monday, the 17th and AFC East rival the Miami Dolphins who are 0-4 and coming off a bye week. Lets hope the Jets get back on track and start playing Jets football again.

Thoughts on tomorrows game?
This team needs leadership.

Wheres T Rich when you need him? Oh wait, he was released, wheres Shaun Ellis? Oh wait, we let him go too. Yes the Jets have captains, but are they acting like team leaders? Everything is being sugar coated, they need to face the facts. Derrick Mason said it best last night on SNY, they need to fix the cracks. There is something wrong with this team and someone needs to step up and become a leader.

What went wrong?!

Last night on Sunday night football was anything but positive. Actually I take that back the Defense seemed to show up for the  bit and the special teams shined. The Jets lost 34-17. The offense, ouch. Sanchez went 11/35, 119 yards 0 TD’s. 4 turnovers last night.  They couldn’t get anything going.  The ground and pound didnt exist, it hasnt yet. The Jets havent proved theyre a ground and pound team, they rushed for 38 yards. LT had 3 carries for -3 yards. Nothing has been clicking for this offense. 

Defense was ready for Flacco, they forced turnovers and made him uncomfortable. However where is the pass rush? 

Special Teams, Joe McKnight, 107 yard kick return. Now hold the Jets record. Special Team has be consistent. I cant find anything bad to say. 

Next week, the Jets visit New England, which will be their ultimate test.                             

What was that?!

I have personally havent seen Jet football like that since the 1990’s. I am baffled, where do I begin? Ill begin tomorrow morning so make sure you check back, I need to process that garbage.