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it’s confirmed, Leonhard is out for the rest of the year.

Rex says its not the last of him though. Jim’s is a free agent next year though.

Leonhard is likely out for the season with a torn PCL.

Most of you know this already, but it was awful it watch in person, one second I was jumping up and down then next i was sitting in my seat hoping it was nothing serious. Leonhard is favorite of mine so it was very hard to watch.

Jim Leonhard with be the number 1 go to guy for kick returns.

Rex Ryan confirmed to Don La Greca on The Michael Kay show on 1050 ESPN, he (Rex) also said that Kerley will have his time to shine and eventually will be a top knoch kick returner and he (Kerley)is learning.


This may have been one of the ugliest wins I have ever seen. The Jets took down Fitzpatrick and the Bills 28-24, and I am pretty sure the last minute left everyone with one foot in the grave.  Sanchez, 17/35, 180 yards with 4 passing touchdowns and an interception which ended up giving the Bills 7 points. The first half he only threw for 66 yards. Shonn Greene 13 attempts for 78 yards. The man who cannot dunk, Dustin Keller, 4 catches 61 yards and 2 touchdowns. Plaxico coming up bigger than ever with a touchdown, and an amazing 3rd down catch so save the Jets season. The final drive, the Jets took it down field and Sanchez to Holmes for the game winning touchdown. Hate on Sanchez all you what but I love the way he drove the offense down field for the game winning score, he looked confident, in control.

Defense, for the love of god can they stop a final drive and not give us Jets fans a heart attack?! Revis just wasnt Revis, he proved he was a human. Besides the final drive, the defense looked subpar the Bills went 6-15 on third down effort. In the end they stopped them and thats what counts.

Special Teams, Cromarite? We all know why he was back there because of Leonhard getting the wind knocked out of him. But Cro? c’mon man! you need to just catch the ball and take and knee, no need to be a super hero.  I like Leonhard taking kick returns, I have a feeling eventually hes going to take one of the house.

Could it have been better? yes. Could it have been worse? yes.

also stevie johnson < 

Hes a much better athlete than given credit for and he does have that great motor and great heart.
Rex Ryan on Jim Leonhard
Nick Mangold trolling Mark’s interview might have been the hightlight of tonights game.

some mental notes i made tonight.

Sanchez was off to a slow start tonight, back to back to back 3rd and outs. But finally hit Holmes in the end zone and started heating up.

It seemed like Jim Leonhard was the only player on the defense that showed up in the first quarter. As things progressed it looked like the defense kind of woke up.

Jeremy Kerley is clearly Brad Smiths replacement, i like this kid hes going to do things for this team. 

Kyle Wilson is gaining confidence, and has the potential of having himself a decent season.