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Revis says he wants to retire as a Jet, but will he?

If Darrelle Revis plans to hold out another season I am sure he will not be retiring as a New York Jet. Lets hope he decides to keep this off season drama free for the NYJ, I think we could all agree on that.

im hoping with all of these changes the jets have more of a productive season.
it’s confirmed, Leonhard is out for the rest of the year.

Rex says its not the last of him though. Jim’s is a free agent next year though.

Yesterdays game, 12/11/11.

Yesterdays game, 12/11/11.

Leonhard is likely out for the season with a torn PCL.

Most of you know this already, but it was awful it watch in person, one second I was jumping up and down then next i was sitting in my seat hoping it was nothing serious. Leonhard is favorite of mine so it was very hard to watch.

Rex confirms the wildcat play will be used more often.

good grief.

Jim Leonhard with be the number 1 go to guy for kick returns.

Rex Ryan confirmed to Don La Greca on The Michael Kay show on 1050 ESPN, he (Rex) also said that Kerley will have his time to shine and eventually will be a top knoch kick returner and he (Kerley)is learning.